Running the same resize via CoreImage and ImageMagick on a folder of files containing 53 images totalling 95.1 MB shows how fast CoreImage is.

The test systems:

  1. PowerMac G5: 2x2Ghz PowerPC G5, 3.5 GB RAM, nVidia GeForce FX5200
  2. xServe: 4x2GHz Intel Core 2 Xeon, 1 GB RAM, ATi Radeon X1300

The results:


As you can see, even on older systems, CoreImage blows a CPU image converter like ImageMagick away. Anybody running a OS X based server should look into using CoreImage. There is already a good guide out there for Ruby on Rails users.

(A note on result times: I took CoreImage’s slowest run, and ImageMagick’s fastest run)


10 September 2008